Companies Choose Us

Art & Culture

We appreciate the work of all those who create, preserve, disseminate, and display art to the general public. We know that cultural institutions, enterprises, and art managers are doing important and indispensable work, and the GRC team is ready to help you: whether you need a separate PR company or a long-term promotion, we are here for you.

Technology & Innovation

The GRC team pays tribute to the great minds that lead us into a new technological and innovative future. We understand the importance of your work and become your partners, ready to present your story to the public at every stage of your growth.


Education makes the world a better place for all of us, and we are ready to support you in your important mission. The GRC team works to make your educational brand more recognizable, build trust with your potential students, and help your educational mission grow at all stages.

Real Estate & Land Use

The GRC team provides consulting services to firms specializing in all types of real estate. Working with large as well as small and medium-sized companies, GRC can help you project a consistent, convincing strategic vision, regardless of short-term trends and rapidly changing economic cycles.

Renewable Energy
& Environment

There is no Planet B, and we perfectly understand it. The GRC team helps environmental and renewable energy projects communicate the importance of their mission to the public, raising awareness of the problem and its solutions that you offer. Through the work of our team, you will attract more investment in your projects and tell the world the importance of the work you do.

Nonprofits & Philanthropy

We value the work of non-profit organizations, and philanthropists, whatever your area of change, and we are ready to support you in your important and challenging work. We help you to communicate your mission, raise public awareness of your work to change the world for the better, set up fundraising companies for you, and make your work even more effective.


The GRC team appreciates those who bring something new to the world and are not afraid to take risks because they know that their ideas will pay off. We are happy to help you to attract investors and clients to your project and make your brand more recognizable and to shorten your way to the list of the Unicorns.

Financial Services

We understand financial services make the world go around. The GRC team works with banks, traditional and alternative asset managers, insurance companies, investment banks, and other financial products and services providers. We know industry influencers, help sell your product, increase your AUM, and help your business grow even in times of crisis.

& Professional Services

The GRC team works with private firms and companies of all sizes. No matter what stage of growth you are in, our team will help you develop a comprehensive communications program for your business that will raise awareness, build the trust of your clients and stimulate your business, attract and retain talented professionals.