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Business Setup in Turkey

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It is extremely important for our specialists to build solid communication with you to keep you comfortable and provide the best solution for your business. This will help you choose whether to open your business on the mainland or in the UAE free zones and help us set up your business for success.

Turkey is one of the largest countries in the world, spanning on two continents: Europe and Asia. Relying on a flourishing economy that depends mainly on agriculture, Turkey attracts a great number of foreigners every year. When speaking of foreigners, we don’t mean tourists, but enterprises and citizens moving to Turkey for investment, respectively employment reasons.

Those who want to relocate to Turkey must keep in mind the cultural differences between their country of origin and Turkey, but they should also mind the legal requirements for moving here. Our native lawyers can offer information on the immigration legislation applicable here.

Main steps
for opening a company in Turkey
Choose the business structure
The limited liability company can be the proper business form for foreign investors in Turkey, regardless of the activities. Our lawyers have experience in this field and can help register business in Turkey.
Prepare for documents

The Articles of Association need to be drafted and notarized before being submitted to the Turkish Trade Register. These comprise details about the owners, activities, board of managers, etc.
Apply for licenses and permits
Licenses and permits are obtained in accordance with the type of activities the future company will have. It is recommended to have legal support in this matter from one of our Turkish lawyers.
Register for tax purposes
Companies in Turkey are seen as taxpayers. The registration for tax purposes and social contributions is mandatory for foreign investors in Turkey, so feel free to ask for legal advice.
Obtain the company seal
Once the company stamp is obtained, the business can have activities on the market, in compliance with the Company Act and other important sets of laws.
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