How to Manage Social Media if Social Media Isn’t Your Thing: Artist Edition

Every artist wants to promote his work and attract people who will eventually buy his products and support his work, but this can be, especially if social media isn’t your thing, a bit of a problem. Examples artist has should be presented and there is no better way than through social media as it can reach a good portion of people around the world. But how to manage social channels if it is not your thing? Well, there are several things you can do to accomplish this and present the artist bio online in the best way.

PR is a serious branch that can bring a lot of success to your brand and increase your brand awareness and therefore investing time and money into social media is something you have to do these days. So, let’s explain how you can do it even if it is not your thing and explain why social media is important for your artist statement!

Every artist grants the promotion of their work, but to show it effectively, he has to know his stuff and have high-quality work. Still, if you dread the social media but you still want to and need to use it, here are few things you should have in mind.

Good Content

It is all about the content.

Even Google’s ranking algorithm relies on quality rather than quantity as the end-users simply want engaging and interesting content. If you don’t have anything completed, it is totally fine to present unfinished work, even on the daily basis. One example would be to post a time-lapse of your work — record a video when you start drawing and do this all the time until you finish work. Alternatively, do post #throwback hashtag with the older work to show your work and then present it once completed. Some artists take part in the interviews, which is also cool and perfect for your social media page. Show your followers the background work, while you are drawing or making a certain product. Remember, engaging content is exactly what stands for you and makes you relevant and recognizable.

Must be Personal

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Since it is your channel, make sure you have the personality.

The followers want to know more about you instead of your work, remember that. Be open and present your ideas on Twitter or Instagram, but don’t limit yourself to the art only. Show what inspires you, what you like and what you don’t like s the followers could get a picture of you. They want to know your personality and PR cannot be good if it is not personal. Use storytelling to engage with the followers but don’t drag yourself away from your personality even if you don’t post your work. When your page/product/work has personality, it creates the unique bubble around you and the public will want to know more about it so they could understand your creativity, inspiration and references you use.

Manage Time Effectively

When you have your work ready to show, you definitely want to show it at the right time.

According to Hootsuite, the most effective time for social media posting is the early afternoon. However, it is not only enough to follow this, but also to stay consistent with this strategy. If you post every day at 1PM, then you need to do it every time you post something. This way, you prepare your followers to expect the new post at the same time every day and therefore you will build an audience. Some apps allow you to schedule your post releases and avoid too much pressure on your mind. Set the times for the posts and let the apps notify you once it is the time to post something.

Follow What You Like

While it is important to have followers, make sure that you follow what you like.

Keeping your feed filled with the things you like, you make easier engagement with other people and make everything natural. Plus, you spark your imagination by seeing some things that you like. If you have an art blog, you will follow art-related things naturally. Besides the accounts you follow, you can follow certain hashtags as well. Every time a certain post contains a particular hashtag, you will see the post in your feed, which is exactly what you want. It comes as your art agent that presents you the best out of the best!

Why Social Networks Are Important For You in Terms of PR?

In the art business, it is important to spread the word about your work.

All art jobs are available on the Internet and there is no better way to announce a job offer than through Twitter or Instagram. A lot of people use the social media platforms and thus it is higher chance that the appropriate artists would apply for the job online that it would have been offline. Generally, when speaking about the importance of social media for PR, we can mention three main benefits:

· Getting influencers

· Identifying the brand threats

· Making announcements.

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Influencers are the best and easiest way to attract new customers and raise awareness of your brand. The influencers have a huge number of followers and statement art can quickly become the main URL for visiting as the followers trust their influencers. Whether you want to promote corporate art or you want to throw an art exhibition, the best way to promote it is by using the power of influencers. They can quickly gain a significant number of people who like the things that you are doing.

The social media channels help you to understand what users want, what they don’t want and what the possible threat to your brand is. You can understand the debates and identify the potential future gaps that you can cover with your work as social media often identify the possible upcoming threats and market changes. It leaves you, as an artist, space to react on time and eliminate the threat or create something new and deliver it to the users. Also, whenever you have a new thing to share, you can make an announcement so the public relations experts could stay up-to-date with the awards, news and other events.

Which Social Networks Should You Choose to Promote?

If you want to promote your art titles but can’t decide which platform you should use, your first goal should be narrowing down your choices so you could know which options you have.

In essence, every statement you want to post can be posted through any of the available platforms. The key ones include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest. To make things easier, make sure you define your goals. Do you want to reach new people or you want to improve your existing customer service and get more leads? Or you want to learn goals and behavior of your users? Once you know this, the last thing before posting your artist statement is to pick the right platform. To choose the right one, you need to find out which platform your targeted group prefers. Ask potential customers about their platform of choice.

Finally, have in mind that the type of content you make dictates the platform you will use. Are you writing simple blog posts, or you make whitepapers, ebooks, and case studies? Do you do podcasts, testimonials and webinars, or you simply record videos and post photos? Facebook is generally good for new leads and advertising as it helps you to target the specific audience, while Twitter makes it perfect for posting the breaking news, important announcements and it is related to the written content. On the other hand, Linkedin is a B2B platform with the stress on the (business) lead generation, while Pinterest focuses on fashion, décor, home improvement and travel photos.

How do Your Manage Your Social Networks to Encourage Your Followers to Buy Your Art?

One of the most powerful ways to show off your statement examples is through user-generated content. It is a type of content like reviews, retweets, testimonials, hashtags etc. As the users tell, they believe much more in word-of-mouth, than in advertising. Once you give your followers special promotions and limited offers, they will likely promote your work, especially if they like it or use it. The free artwork for bands, or game developers pays off later on so the free special promotion may hit your wallet at the moment of presenting, but it will open you a door widely for the upcoming work chances of offers.

Live promotions are one of the best weapons for statement art as the instant content is interesting as it exists for a certain time. The live promotions bring a lot of leads that turn into the customers later on and it is important to have live sessions from time to time. If you present your mission statement clearly, sooner or later you will bump into someone who will find your work perfect for their needs as you will explain your work and who you are aiming at. In the end, there is no need to encourage your followers to buy your art — you just need to do high-quality art. Once one of your followers (especially those ones with the high authority) posts your work, it is just a matter of time before someone contacts you about your work.

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